New Hope Tomorrow

New Hope Tomorrow

God gives us tomorrow with a light that overcomes darkness, allowing a new hope rising within us, enlightening all humanity, and covering our globe. When we awaken each morning, we arise to the renewal of experiencing God’s Love. When we let The Word enter our very beings, we are renewed as His disciples. As we face troubles, God will always answer us and be with us. Although we are born of flesh and blood, we are born of God; we are His children.

This morning, as I pray for God’s Kingdom to be done on earth, and I continue to pray for true fellowship withal peoples. It is only this way that life with God is both holy and eternal. Accepting this truth, I look at all people, from all cultures, speaking all languages as part of my family. I pray that our combined societies do not forget to care for those in poverty. Without caring for these forgotten people, no society can truly prosper, and no society will last. Jesus taught us neither that power nor greed lead to eternal life and God’s everlasting love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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