God is Calling

Put away your cell phone; this call cannot be answered on an electronic device. God calls us as individuals; God calls us as community! With a new year beginning, this is a suitable time to renew our relationship with God. Remember, God wants us as much as we want God. When we recognize God in our lives, we begin the purist, flawless paradigm available to us; we see God in our hearts but cannot recognize the Almighty God because His true presence cannot unequivocally be understood.

A good friend of mine to reminded me that God is present to each of us only in our minds and in our hearts without which there would be no God for us. God’s presence and spirituality are here for all; for each He is individually present. God’s Grace flows as a calm river throughout all of creation, all of humanity. As we lay by this gentle river of comfort, we hear God calling us to lift ourselves from the darkness onto the lighted path Jesus shows us every day.

I am absorbed by the flowing river of Love and Comfort when meditating on my relationship with our Almighty. I am encouraged to cherish all life on earth; I am invited to respect all living creatures; and I love my neighbor, all of them. These are such small requests from our Gracious God. I am unconditionally blessed by this stream of water and thought, soaring in God’s promise of Love and Compassion.

We are baptized into the body of Christ; therefore, we are all children of God awaiting His voice in our hearts and souls. Let us join all of the other travelers and listen for God’s voice; He calls all of us to bask in His Love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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