Creation and Wisdom

There is so much to say about the creation of Wisdom. I firmly believe that God created Wisdom before He created all else. And, just to complete this enigma, by means of creation, God created wisdom. God created order out of chaos, out o darkness. We live in darkness until we recognize the light of Wisdom, God offers. With the birth of Jesus, God offers us the Wisdom to live with, to live by.

But we create our own darkness by not recognizing Wisdom as an art of our lives. In one of the daily meditations from the Center for Action and Contemplation, CAC teacher Barbara Holmes writes: “there is the darkness of determined ignorance and hatred, impenetrable and smothering. There is the tiny microcosm of darkness that gave birth to the universe, its new realities, and new worlds. There is the mothering darkness of the womb, and the protective darkness of the ‘cloud by night.’” This is the darkness that is manmade.

This is also the lack of recognition of Wisdom living within us. I remind myself that Wisdom is a feminine noun; Wisdom is the female side of our beloved God. This Wisdom brings us knowledge; this Wisdom also nurtures us as a constant companion of Love. This path of Wisdom, although lighted by God, is a path that when we travel it, we also bring our innate darkness with us. But that is all right. We will make mistakes; we will sometimes be wrong; but, with an open heart and mind, we learn.

Listening to the parables, the teachings of Jesus, we learn a liberation found nowhere else. We recognize that our mortal world is filled with lies, prejudices, and greed. This is our own private “Dark night of the soul.” But when we listen and learn from Jesus, God’s only mortal son on earth, we are touched by true Wisdom; everything changes; and with Wisdom, we share it with others, we teach and nurture them to see same Truth; this same eternal Love.

When we pray, remember that God created Wisdom for us; in our prayers we should pray to walk the path of Wisdom Jesus brought.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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