God Speaks, How?    

God speaks in and through the flesh. As my priest meditated in our Celtic service, when Mary and Elizabeth met, the baby John leapt inside her womb. This is God speaking to us.

Sometimes we ignore this; we teach our children to be self-centered, to be self-assured, to be special. We build their egos to allow them to compete in a modern world of want and greed. We want them to be recognized for their material achievements; we want them to begin this even as toddlers navigating perilously across the living room floor.

But God calls us to prepare the way in the wilderness of this mortal life of ours to serve others in His name. most of the New Testament accedes to this invitation to peace among men. Instead of building ego strength in our youth (and others we meet), perhaps life would be better if we build community strength instead. This is what Jesus implores when he tells us to treat others as we want to be treated. What a unique way to call for love!

Love is a quality we sometimes forget to teach; we cuddle our newborns with love and neglect to continue this through their early development. We need them to recognize this universal truth, this universal love. Love can only be found by including this od-given gift in the household and neighboring society. If we want our children to be truly happy, to reach the mountain top of spiritual and emotionally holy fulfillment; we must teach love. Our goal is not just to seek the spiritual person, the person who represents the highest level of success, our goal is to seek the minorities, the disabled: the valleys of the lowly, the weak and poor.

When we teach Love our children, and when we do this ourselves, we recognize that God’s Love is everywhere; God’s Love is for all. God speaks to all.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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