For several years, my wife and I always discussed who was tending better to the flock of Jesus’s sheep. At our church she and two other sixty-plus women began what was ultimately called The Table. This brought not only non-perishable food to those in need, but it also supplied them with fresh vegetables and fruit. And when the pandemic hit, they took The Table our into the world and delivered food to both food deserts and senior communities. Our community was truly blessed by their feeding the sheep.

In doing this, they definitely emulated Jesus feeding the five thousand. With the help of great monetary contributions, The Table was and still is, although under new management, a vital new management, a vital new management, a vital new management, a vital new management, a vital ministry serving the community. The heart The Table and the heart of our church is the heart of Jesus, sharing His passionate, loving care for the security and safety of mankind. At one time, Saint Francis proclaimed that on Christmas as day, even the walls should eat meat. This is truly the call to feed all people substantial food. Nobody should be hungry.

Our discussion begins with this ministry! The other side of the coin is my contribution. This is the spiritual side and the prayer for, by, and of all mankind. I am a prayer minister at our church, and I also write prayers and meditations that I share. People also are hungry for spiritual ministries of prayer; they long to be closer to God and to walk with Jesus on His lighted path. All people need prayer ministers that will listen to their needs and not offer advice. Prayer ministers pray to God, not asking for God to perform miracles, but to bring comfort and quiet to our own lives, enabling us to bring these same blessings and graces from God to all.

Through prayer and meditation, I open my mind to the unity of God and man in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. His teachings are vital to our lives today. Being able to bring spiritual food to the masses is one of the great deeds of Jesus. I to emulate Him to bring this same comfort to people of my generation. With God’s blessings of course.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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