Buzz feeds – all around us, filling our day with noise, incessant noise. All day long we get questions on our cell phones, from Facebook, asking our opinions and wants on a myriad of topics not related to anything. We are bombarded by this circumforaneous noise, these inconsequential questions. We are part of a society that has developed a revolving showcase of trivialities. It is impossible to know where our attention is now, in this moment.

When we take the time to end this bombardment in our minds, turning off the radio, the music stations, the news, and our cellphones, we can be in the moment. We can bring ourselves into our true beings as children of God. We can accept His Bounty, His Word, His Truth. And we will discover that inner force of solitude and attention to our true beings. We enter silence; we empty our minds; we pray for God’s Words to fill us.

In this silence, this desert, our attentiveness is filled with our reservoir of love, hope, and peace within. This is why Jesus entered the desert; this is why when we meditate, we enter our own desert, our own seclusion from the too many questions. We enter God’s reality. John writes, “in the beginning was the Word. . . and the Word was God.” Where is my attention? My attention is with the Word – the bountiful Word of God. When we leave our deserts, we turn our attention to God’s wishes for the world.

Our lives are bountiful due to the Grace of God. We cherish this bounty given by the ethics and teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We pray with thanksgiving for the light of God that Jesus shows us. We cast aside the incessant buss feeds that pester us. By sharing God’s bountiful Love, we journey together as a powerful force, sustaining faith, hope, love, and charity. We invite God to walk with us in His bountiful Grace of Love, Truth, Life, and Hope. . . but only when we walk together in God’s bountiful creation.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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