We spend too much time waiting for something good to happen; this includes our desire awaiting God to come to us. We sometimes refuse to recognize that the Holy Spirit resides within us. I love Paul’s letter to the Hebrews: “Remember your leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you; consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith” (Hebrews 13: 7). God dwelled within them; God also dwells within us.

When we finally let God in, then we are able to ask others to let us come into their lives, learn their stories, find out how they feel, and then invite them to ask us for help. Then we are sharing the love that Jesus taught. When our hearts touch other hearts, then God’s Love lives within us and thrives in our heart spaces. Together we emulate Jesus as our model for what it means to live in and from our hearts. We begin to live the ethics that Jesus taught; as it is written, true joy can survive the harshest of circumstances for it depends on God’s promises for our infinite future.

As we share our stories and our love, we are then champions for God’s Goodness on earth, bringing peace and heaven on earth. Let us follow the ethical teachings of Jesus; let us recognize and share God’s Truth.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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