During Advent, we are bombarded by adds for gift giving. Let us stop shopping for trinkets and baubles that end up in drawers or closets, only to be forgotten well before the next Christmas season. We are radiant; we are His Glory; we are His splendor.

It is the time to emulate those kings bringing gifts to the newborn king. We have gifts of our own to bring. We leave instant gratification behind and bring the glory of our love of God as a gift. And that gift? It is ourselves.

We are His frankincense; His symbol of deity; we are so because we are filled with God’s presence within us. We are also His myrrh; we apply ourselves to His very being to protect Him from harm and preparing Him for His resurrection in five months. Finally, we are His gold. Our love for each other gives Him kingship in our lives. There is nothing we are not when it comes to the rebirth of Jesus in our souls.


© Russell Kendall Carter


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