We are fast approaching the beginning of the greatest story every told. We Christians share this story every December, every Advent season. Luke forewarns us with this: “Then they will see ‘the Son of Man coming in a cloud’ with power and great glory. (21:27)” Our memories are solid of this exceptional story, but somehow, we are renewed by His story each Advent season, for He is alive and always with us. This story is how God shows eternal Love among us.

There are many other stories that we must share and not just during Advent but yearlong. These stories are ours. These stories are also important. It is vital to our mutual love that we share these stories whenever we can.

My wife of fifty-four years sometimes gets impatient with me because I am forever stopping to talk with people to learn their stories. Their stories are important to me because we all share a common heritage. A short while ago, I was sitting on my seated walker outside of a store waiting for her to make her purchases. There was a young man as a greeter handing shopping baskets to those entering. Naturally, I began a conversation with him, finding out that he was an immigrant from Thailand and was a Buddhist. I began by asking him why he came to the United States; answer – looking for a modern education. I mentioned to him that my sister also studied Buddhism and got me interested in it. As we talked, we both realized that we have more in common than different.

Sharing stories for the ten minutes we had brought us close. We shared a real hug after my wife emerged from the store. I learned I had a new friend because we shared our stories.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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