Promise of God’s Love

I promise to love you; that is my promise to you, and that is the God of Hope’s promise to us. God fills us with peace and joy by the presence of the Holy Spirit which dwells within us. Jesus taught us that God is Love and love removes all the fear and doubt in our lives. God uses us as positive influences in the lives of all we meet; there is nothing in us that is wasted by God. We are good.

When we listen to God, the truth of Advent, the truth of our existence, is found in God’s voice coming from the victims of society. Through these voices we know that God cares for them and cares for us. God loves us; by sharing this love with those in need, the promise of our eternal lives is revealed. We reject society’s patterns in this world and are transformed by the promise of God’s presence in our lives.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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