Generosity and Sharing

How is God speaking to you today? Is He asking what you are doing with the gifts He has so freely given? There are so many people in this world and so many ways that we who realize God’s mission and our place in His grand scheme help others who are lost to be found. Open God’s door for others to come in.

Since joining to St. George’s church in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I have grown so much spiritually that my one sincere desire is to share my gifts, given by our loving God, to enrich the lives of others. Our church leaders have shown me how my deeds can help me be a better steward of God’s Love.

Proverbs says, “The wise share with others the choice food and wine, but fools gulp theirs down in depravity.” What does that mean to those of us who follow God’s will? To me, God is telling me to use the gifts he has bestowed on me to serve others, as faithful servants of His Grace and Love. The gifts you have are not like mine; in many ways they are better . . . when shared with others. I ask that you look at time you have each week; find a few minutes or an hour that you can ask, “God, what can I do with this time to help those in need of Your Grace?”

God is inviting us to serve; this is one of the greatest messages we learn from the life of Jesus. Follow in His footsteps; invite others to follow him. Perhaps your talents are in sharing his food, instructing his children, building a ramp for a wheelchair-bound brother or sister. Or maybe your talents are in financial planning for the good of the congregation or writing a grant to chare God’s bounty with our brothers and sisters suffering in poverty in Haiti. Look inside your soul; there is a yearning for you to complete your life by serving others in His name.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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