St. Paul’s Joy

Joy, at times, can be fleeting; it comes in and goes out of our life, sometimes like a winter storm. We are coming out of a long-isolated living due to this pandemic. Last evening, I went to the Celtic service at church. The joy of communal prayer enter my being and I was reminded that we were not alone this past year and a half. We know that through all of the storms of our lives, all the distress we face, we walk with Jesus by our side, many times being carried by His love. We do not navigate our way with God, we walk on the path of eternal love.

We gather in church in the presence of God asking that His light shine within us to support our love for all mankind, as Jesus invites us to do with the greatest commandments. God sets us free with His joy in our hearts. We share this boundless joy through His love. God’s Joy rescues us from all our trials and tribulations. I pray with thanksgiving for His great gift that with sharing His Joy, we are all one body of Christ.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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