I meditate; I pray. These two begin my spiritual day. I never take leave of these. My prayers expand my ability to believe and trust in God. In my spiritual journey, I am blessed with the companionship of the Holy Spirit in my life.

My wonder is how God loves us so much; we are always harming each other and His creation. But in our daily lives we try to express the love that we are taught in the Bible. We love because He loves.

Regardless of our faults, we receive His generosity; we receive His love: we receive His healings. We are His beloved children – all of us. The love we share is defined by our relationships with God and each other. This is both difficult and easy to accept. Prayer helps.

We know that all our blessings are received from God. Because we are His beloved children, we also receive the inner peace that He brings.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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