Ownership is an interesting concept. There was no true ownership concept until the Norman’s conquered England in 1066. A law was then written that created the rite of land ownership. This myth of ownership adds to our mistaken ideas of independence and strength. This is mine; look how important I am.

In reality, we rent, we borrow, but only for a fleeting time. This false security that ownership brings money and power quickly fails when our human bodies die. It is then that we realize the myth of ownership is false, useless. Owning, being rich, is not something that Jesus was concerned with. He ministered to the weak and the poor and told a rich landowner to sell all his property and follow Him. The landowner couldn’t; he believed that his wealth was more important.

We are not perfect! We are flawed in our belief that the richer we are, the more we own, is important, and God recognizes that our lofty position puts us at the head of the line. But this is not true, when our bodies die, we are just as naked as the poor infant who has died from malnourishment. We both stand before God baring our souls. The poor being homeless admits to stealing for survival. The rich merchant admits to hording and owning, keeping others from what he has (or rents).

We as humans have created the myth that through ownership, we are the center of the universe. We control the future of mankind and the Earth. Noting can be further from the truth. God is the center of His creation; God runs the show. We answer to God for our misbehaving and egotism. He is great; we are small. We should trust God for our needs, not our false sense of ownership.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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