Recognizing Love

God chose you and me to live in this world; it is a marvelous life. Is this a risk for God? After all, most of the time we are fighting each other in words or deeds. We read our Bible and are taught that we are the light of the world and live with the cherished love of Christ. Love is our capacity to relate in a tender and compassionate to each other. Love is the only thing in our lives that encourages hope in our sometimes-dangerous and overly contentious world.

I recognize God and His Love in all of the many people I greet each day. I am able to be with and experience life with those with whom I share this love. I practice the universality of God’s love in everything I do. I love you; can you love me? Our love is a prayer for God to hear. I pray for others so that I also can be loved. If I do not share love, I cannot receive love.

Our birthright is love. Once we recognize this, we can be hopeful, patient and loving in our community of prayer with God. In our shared afflictions, we turn to God for help; it is Love that comforts us. It is love that comforts us. We can heal only when we love as Jesus taught us in the greatest commandment. I pray: Lord God, give us your love; give us your spirit.


 © Russell Kendall Carter





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