End of Time

As each day ends, our time pauses. We sleep through the night and awaken the next morning to a new day and a new world. Our time is renewed. Personally, I begin each day refreshed by the morning Sun, cleansed of all of the problems and sorrows of the previous day. We are nearing the time of renewal and birth as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We celebrate the new world with song and praise.

Through God’s Love, we are blessed by His Grace and protected by any dangers that come near; God directs us to the hidden treasures She places within us. Spiritually, Jesus holds my hand through anxiety and need. I trust He will also comfort me when I face the end of my time on Earth. Jesus’s resurrection demonstrates that there is no true end of life.

I know if I ask anything of God, She hears me. I also know that God will answer my prayers, but not necessarily in the way I want or expect. My time is not God’s time. My life is a projection of God’s Love; this love means that the end of time is a man-created concept, not God’s. All our hopes, dreams, and help come in the name of God. It is She who made heaven and Earth.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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