Humanity needs saving;

we have abused all of God’s creation.

Our leaders speak of planet Earth

as if it is ours to rape and plunder at will.

We care not for our future or

the future of our children or grandchildren.

Our greed is destroying our very existence.

Our desire for the artificial dream of

wealth through money is leading us to destruction.

More is our prayer for the future.

The false God, money, or mammon

as named in the Bible, promises us

a glorious and fanciful lifestyle.

It need not be this way!

Reading Jeremiah, we note that Yahweh

withdraws aid to the people Israeli and Judah

for not following His will,

that the country if filled with false profits

and religious leaders,

pretending to offer the word of Yahweh;

He is tired of the leaders doing just

the bidding of the rich.

But this is only the Old Testament;

and our country is a Christian country.

We know this for our political and religious leaders

promise us that we are different

because we follow Christ.

Yet how many of our leaders spurned the will of God.

How important is wealth in this country.

The average voter is promised equality,

but all benefits go to the rich.

Our religious leaders support the big money

in religion and politics.

We are no different than the ancients in Israel and Judah.

Our actions condemn our words.

We vote for leaders who promise us the world

and deliver nothing to us.

We do this with every election.

The extraordinary tax cuts will not be rolled back,

because if the leaders do this, they will be voted out

because we will be convinced that the richer

the rich are, the better off we are. We do not learn.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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