Minds. . . and Hearts

I question what is in my mind that always keeps me on thin ice. Often, I feel that my world is near ruin; I long for something; I seek the unknown. Even though I know the Holy Spirit guides me, I long to awaken in God’s heaven and earth filled with His Grace. I long to repair the world humanity is destroying.

I pray that God, will fill heaven and earth with Grace and Spirit, allowing us to share in His bounty. But we can never know the mind of God; we are amazed at His mercy towards us, His forever forgiving us for our sins. We refuse to see our violence to our planet; the home God gave us. We destroy ourselves. I pray for the awakening of humanity to at least try to live up to God’s wishes for us.

We joy in the new life Jesus promises, yet we refuse to accept the wisdom that goes with it. My prayer today is for us to open our minds to accept the love that God shares in our hearts.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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