We have all floundered at some point in our lives. We have erred morally and honestly compromised our integrity. As humans we have this in common. When we do, we all respond better to compassion than we do to disparagement. Our disappointments can sometimes torment us with anger and frustration. As with our neighbors, we all need forgiveness.

What happens when you cannot forgive? Honestly, we let ourselves enter a shadow period and forego the grace and mercy of God in our lives. We do more harm to ourselves than we do to others. We show to the world our shortcomings, magnifying our own sins and transgressions. We may attend church weekly, but we are denying the presence of Christ in our lives.

In my experience, those who have hurt me respond much better with love and forgiveness than to anger and avoidance. No one ever wins when divided by anger. Love is the better way. By extending the frond of peace and love to those who hurt us there is no room for doubt or fear. When we expose the wounds of our hearts, love and comforting words bring friendship and the love and grace of God into all our lives.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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