pray for those who doubt

Jesus asks us to pray for one who does not pray, or doubts God, for prayer is an act of courage and love, and love is a lifelong commitment to humankind. Each one of us has had manor disappointments in life. These low times for us are painful and many times we react with anger, anger at ourselves and anger at God for allowing times of trouble. Jesus also teaches that when the rich in spirit and poor in spirit join, God blesses us as the true Father He is. God is the creator of all of us. We share in His bounty.

Living this life is not enough; what counts is what we do with our lives, what significance of our lives and others’ lives is as a direct result of what we do for each other. God works deeply within us whether we all recognize and accept this as reality. He more we take care of each other and pray for each other we are stronger in our relationships with God and all others.

Those who don’t pray, ask why we waste our time. My response is why do they ask that question. To those of us who pray, the answer is obvious. God is Love, and God brings His Love into us every day. God is strong within each of us, but only when we call on Him for help, only when we pray to him. We who pray call upon His help in truth, God’s Truth. This is why we also pray for those who do not.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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