Hear Their Voices

Can you hear them – those who have gone before us speak to us and watch over us? We are surrounded by our loved ones, present both physically and spiritually. It is a miracle when their voices bring the words of the Holy Spirit when we lack the words.

I recently had a near death experience; I was standing in a doorway ready to step into the eternal beauty of God’s kingdom. But I was pulled back and awoke in a hospital bed surrounded by three images that I call angels. They were a great comfort to me, bringing the living water of Christ to heal me.

In a recent period of meditation, I was brought back to that moment and the angels revealed themselves as the spirits of my father, mother, and sister. My comfort and spiritual being are lifted by the voices of the loved ones no longer with me. Can you hear them, those spirits who guide you through life? Listen! We are in the Spirit of God’s presence forever.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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