Letting Go

     I find that as humans we are hoarders; we fear letting go of those material possessions that seem to be so important. Deep inside, we know that these are temporary; when we die, we die alone, walking into God’s eternal kingdom. Unfortunately, it is the same with our spiritual possessions, and by this, I mean what we have been taught in Sunday School. Those ideas and those statements we are made to memorize are also possessions we fear to lose.

     Now that this pandemic is ebbing, we are anxious and excited to return to our churches, not remembering that God does not live in our churches. God lives everywhere, particularly in our hearts. For this entire year, the Holy Spirit has been nurturing us, keeping our souls free of trouble, unravelling the horrors of what could have been. Our churches have not provided the necessary comfort we have needed. Facebook services just do not satisfy our souls; so, we look elsewhere. Few turn to God directly, because we are taught that only through our clergy can we speak with God.

     Jesus never said this. Jesus always said our faith has cured us. Nowhere in his teachings can you find mention of the church or the clergy as conduits to God. God is within us. There are many ways to interpret this. I choose that God, through the Holy Spirit, is always within my spiritual and blessed being. I cannot see this; I can only feel this as I spread love with all I meet.

     John reminds us in Revelation that all we must do is knock on god’s door; as we enter, we are greeted, nurtured, and fed.

     I rise each morning singing with praise for God for He shows me a new world of Love each morning, allowing me to let go of my mortal fears.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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