Our Soul’s Relationship with God

     I muse a lot about how our soul is so intimate with God. I ask if each individual soul connects, or our combined souls connect, with God. I lean toward our combined souls because we share love and brotherhood. This is what God wants for us.
     If we (our universal soul) are embedded with hate and envy, there is no room for God, His Grace, or His Love. We must sow God’s words throughout our beings to open the door to what God’s kingdom looks like. God placed a heart in our bodies, w heart which contains this universal soul. It is the place where our purpose, our dealings with others, and our strength shows itself.
     We know that the only way to communicate with God is through our prayers; not prayers that ask for things, but prayers for listening, listening to His words for us. I am not very musical, but I know that when I pray, there is great music in my heart. This music gives me strength, gives me love, gives me the compassion to great all whom I meet with the love of God in my heart and in theirs. 
     God ascends through my heart and I shout with joy that His presence is a gift that I must share. It is too grand, too fulfilling, and to expansive to remain within me. I in the Bible that when I trust in God, I rejoice and am glad, glad for the life given to me by a gracious and loving God. We all are created in His image; we are brightly beaming with the infinite beauty given to us on this lighted path of Christ.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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