This Voice Has Come

     The LORD knew me before I was born, formed in my mother’s womb . . . to be His servant. He knows and will always know all of us by name. We are all called to be His servant: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, and all people of faith all over the globe. We gain this through the power of Christ and the goodness of God. God gives us power; God gives us Wisdom, through the life experience of Jesus. It was He who showed us the Wisdom of God.
     We hear the voice of God; He speaks to us to benefit others, not for our personal gain. Our joy is received by hearing this and from the goodness we serve others in His name. Jesus shows us that there are no outsiders in this world; He leads us to accept that the only boundaries are those we artificially place before ourselves. God and Jesus know no boundaries. Let us tear down our artificial boundaries.
     Listen for this voice of God; it comes through our shared love, spoken our prayers, and our unspoken meditations. 

© Russell Kendall Carter

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