A Palm Sunday Prayer

As a Christian, I pray that we will clothe the naked and minister to those who are homeless. I am willing to serve, regardless of who the oppressed are, what color they are, or what religion they practice.  I only need to feel the grace of God and have my heart and soul filled with love. God invites me to do this. And the invitation is for each person to share, the community, and yes, even the government. 

Individually we, the children of God, do fairly well, and many of our communities have programs to help those in need. I pray for the big businesses and the impersonal governments to not fall flat but to open the coffers of wealth to lift the poor and weak from their forgotten lives. I pray that we in the United States, who pride ourselves on being a Christian nation, will live up to this promise of God’s love. I pray that the corporations and governments will remember that Jesus did not serve the rich, those who hoard wealth and are a part of the top one percent. I pray that we will truly act as a Christian nation. My dream is that the war on the poor, on the people of color, and those who attend temples or synagogues will be declared over. Victory comes only when all of God’s children are lifted in praise. 

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