Our True freedom

Walk, drive to an open field;

turn to face all points of the compass;

feel the freedom in the air,

the desire to spread your wings.

What direction to take?

Discard all that hinders;

close your eyes;

Look upward; pray for guidance.

Remember your responses,

to pain, to failures, to struggles,

to loneliness.

Be patient, stand firm;

feel the presence of God within;

feel the eternal love, the faithfulness,

that only God knows to give.

We are made in His image;

He is the preface and the epilog,

the author of our lives.

We trust in God’s goodness,

even when life tries to defeat.

Think of the times we felt alone,

in our self-made desert.

Did we feel His presence?

As we stand in this field,

can we feel His presence;

seek God in this open space;

it is not around you;

it is within you . . . waiting,

waiting to notice this gift of presence.

Seek God within; do not weary on this path;

be grateful for this beauty.

It surrounds, it is within!

Engulf this freedom felt in the field;

return home with the openness,

felt in the field of God’s creation.

Trust in God’s presence.

Feel the freedom only He can give.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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