Godly Principles

It is said, “let godly principles guide.” Not so easy to do all the time, as I long ago discovered. We try to live according to God’s principles, but life gets in the way. In my life, my path of light to walk upon has been disturbed by my time in the military during the 1960s, my children crying in the night, and physical problems that have interrupted my path. Our mortal existence does not make walking on the lighted way shown by Jesus easy to navigate.

Thusly, I try a new way; I seek what God is asking of me today; how He is speaking to me about my wholeness with all of humanity, all of His sacred creation. In my morning meditation, I pray, I pledge my life to God’s will, I renew my faith in His loving comfort. But when I lack in conviction perhaps if I abandon the word faith and substitute the word certainty, I am better prepared to let godly principles guide. This substitutes a doubt with a conviction. Realizing this, I no longer walk in a desert of my life; although I plan my day and my life, I know that it is God who guides my steps, because I trust.

I accept God’s challenge to see others as He sees them, welcoming them into my life as a long-lost brother or sister. I accept Jesus’s invitation to share and allow God’s compassion to be realized by all. I pray for all to know that God’s will is not suffering, but goodness and life. We live by God’s power and with His power, we serve others, bringing them to love and goodness. Let our lives life through our hearts, keeping God’s peace and love. Our relationship with others as we walk Jesus’s lighted path is our only hope. We need our inter-relationships. Only together can we benefit from God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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