Go in Peace

Go in Peace

Our minds are filled with the peace of God. With God’s peace and love, and our faith in God’s presence within us, removes fear of troubles in our lives; faith becomes our guiding light, and in this light, we overcome all worries, are healed from evil threats. 

When we live with the faith in God, we experience a great hope that supports are efforts to continue on the lighted journey of our life. We never give in to our bodily troubles. We are blessed that the Holy Spirit, which wraps us in protection, is shared by others, and when we recognize others as children of God also, our hearts are lifted by joyous goodness.

When we share, we see the brightness of God in their hearts, and this good news brings us and all gracious health from our Lord. How many times in the Bible did Jesus tell us that faith has saved us, and we are to go in peace. We listen, we learn, we hear and feel the Holy Spirit. Let our faith support us as we turn the corner on the new year.

Cherub, go in peace

It is the way of the lord

In faith find release

© Russell Kendall Carter

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