Go – Advent Word of the Day

This Advent, we go on the road to Bethlehem, seeking a new birth. We go to find our hear in the person of a poor waif, lying in a manger, surrounded by the creatures that God sent to comfort Mary and Joseph. Unrealized by us, we go searching for a light brighter than anything we could possibly imagine. This is a light shining so brightly that it removes the fear of impending darkness. This light brings us from the depths of our dread of pandemic. We go in search of this light, praying to be lifted from the darkness of our lives. This light brings us deeper into ourselves, into the core of our hearts, where God dwells.

We go this season, finding this baby, born in the darkness of another age, born in poverty, bringing with him a light and a richness that gold cannot compete with; this light, this Good News, we are uplifted by God.

When we go in search of this Good News, we discover that the problems we face in our lives are taken up by someone much more important than us, much more humble than us. But go we must; we go in search of He who .always Loves, and gives, and blesses us. When we go, we find Love; we find the Good News. Let us go.

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