The Word

 The Word created us;
 our Lord draws near;
 He speaks and His light shines 
 Within us.
 Listen for The Word,
 for in the beginning
 is The Word.
 In our beginning
 is The Word.
 The coming of The Word
 is the coming of God,
 bringing the Joy of Advent.
 The Word brings the incarnate Christ;
 He is in the beginning with God;
 He is God.
 The Word lives is the world;
 the world yearns for The Word.
 We live in the world and in The Word;
 we yearn for The Word, and
 The Word yearns for us.
 The Word is of God;
 The Word is God.
 Listen, The Word speaks to us;
 it transforms us,
 fulfills our longing,
 our longing to share The Word.
 Join in prayer;
 prayer brings forth The Word;
 The Word speaks, and
 we listen. 

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