Throughout our lifetimes, we search for truth; but it is always elusive to our studies. As a man of letters, I sometimes think that I have discovered what life is about, but then something untoward happens and my thinking crumbles, and with it my ego becomes the remnant of Humpty-Dumpty. Ego, a manly thinking of superiority that makes God laugh.

I then remember that to gain true knowledge, one must practice humility – first; intellect has little to do with truth. The real truth is God’s Truth with a capital T. This truth is infallible and is only realized when one humbles oneself before God. Man’s ego prevents this, yet we pray to Jesus Christ, who was the epitome of humility, God’s humility, giving us an example to follow.

The immensely powerful Joseph fell on his brother Benjamin’s neck and wept at the coming reunion of his family. And Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The unnamed woman humbled herself before Jesus, before God, when saying that even the dogs eat of the crumbles fallen from the table. The humility of God is all around, but only when we take the time to see it.

We cannot meditate on God, for He is too immense for our imaginations to comprehend. We must humble ourselves before God, dropping intellect, and allow our soul to open to God’s love, for only our soul can speak to God, because our soul are of God. Only our soul can comprehend His magnitude, because it is our soul that holds the existence of God within us, as Jesus reminds us.

These are the lessons we must learn to discover what truth is – truly.

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