Visioning the Image of God

The question arises whether people’s stories of visions of Jesus and visions of God are real, or simply an overexcited imagination. Imaginations are vital for the survival of humanity, so we cannot discount this human feature, without which we would have no art or literature.

But visions of God are entirely different. Our true images of God are recognized only by our inner vision. We are made in His image, meaning that when we look in a mirror image, we are seeing a mirror image of the mirror image of God. when we do have visions of God, we remember these moments as bringing us joy, comfort, and supreme ease in our deepest beings. Our limited human brains cannot comprehend the full magnitude of God, His image, or the mystery of His presence in all our lives. God is too vast, to unlimited for us to comprehend.

Our visions of God make us certain of His eternal presence in our lives. His presence mean that when we take the time to listen, we hear His voice in our hearts and souls; it is usually a mere whisper, but it is a powerful whisper that cannot be ignored. We hear His voice with our souls and when we vision God, understand the vastness of His entirety in our lives.

Personally, my great Love for God and His presence within me has allowed me to be comfortable in my existence on planet Earth. Following the lighted path, shown to us by Jesus, has allowed me to survive innumerable examples of human frailty. For years, I have suffered physical issues that have not only changed my life, but in ways has made my life much more improved and much more open to the suffering of others.

I have had a God vision three times in my life; all of those have followed traumatic physical issues in my life. I refer to these visions as angels surrounding me, bringing me to life, and comforting me in my most terrifying times. The latest involved a burst blood vessel, a great loss of blood, and a return to life after this unexpected trauma. My recovery and subsequent hospital stay was eased by the presence of ethereal figures staying visible to me, surrounding me, comforting me, and assuring me that I can return to life without loss.

Three times, I awoke with the feeling of an angel, sitting on the edge of my bed, holding my hand, comforting me in my trepidation. Three times, I have envisioned the vastness of God’s love in my life. The certainty of God’s presence in my life, reveals the vastness of God’s eternal love in its entirety. This is the greatest gift I have received in my lifetime.

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