God loves us, because

He created us in His image.

He will not keep

His bounty from us.

He sacrificed His own Holy Son,

showing His love for us.

If God is willing to do this,

why think that He will not bless us

with His Grace? When God blesses us,

our praise for Him swells in our chests

with the beauty of a spring morning

with the birds of the air and

the animals on the ground

drinking from the flowing river of fresh water.

Even when we are small when we are born;

when following in God’s light,

we grow in stature and in grandeur

with the kingdom of heaven within us.

As Matthew says, we are the yeast of

God’s creation, growing into a

fruitful tree of life: His life.

Each of us is a disciple of God,

offering the wonders of

God’s creation to all creatures.

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