Or is it transfiguration?

We forage our life long,

for signs, for omens,

for portents from on high.

We are incomplete, only a half person,

searching for a soul mate.

God leads us, gives us

our soulmate; this  

completes our unification with Him.

God then celebrates our oneness,

yet we reject this guidance;

we wander through life

continually looking, searching.

For what? God’s grace?

God offers much, yet

man ignores His signs.

God sent Jesus to lead us back;

Jesus reminds us who we are.

Merely looking for signs is not enough!

Simple prayer is not enough!

Nothing in life is good without God;

listening for His voice,

following His lead,

brings returns us to oneness,

brings us our rejuvenation

of soul, of body, of life.

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