Love is also a Commandment

Love is also a Commandment

The blessed of life is God’s Love;

t’is a chance to live in the Divine

God’s presence is the magnificent sunrises

we experience as we awaken to

a new life each morn

and the dramatic sunsets we are

in awe of each eve.

His presence is the beautiful

music of man,

the melodic music of birds,

the fun-loving music of a baby’s laughter.

The failure of Love often brings suffering;

the failure of love brings rejection

by strangers, by the refugee,

by the sick, by oursleves.

We are all children of God

Whether we call him


or Yahweh,

or Allah,

or any other thousands of names he is called.

He is the Father of us all.

When we love God

We love the stranger, and the refugee.

We love the Jew and the Muslim.

We love the sick, and we love ourselves.

The two greatest commandments

Given by Jesus is to love God, and

To love our neighbor.

Both bring the Divine to our hearts,

and this is how we pray to God.

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