Missing the Boat

Missing the Boat

Why is the church

stranded in the ocean

on a boat

without oars or a motor?

How many denominations

preach their unquestioned

message of truth that only

they can possess?

Why the division over

who is closer to Christ,

when our black brothers

and sisters are murdered –

just for being Black?

Jesus says we are all one family.

Jesus says we share God’s love equally,

but we do not follow His teachings.

He was a poor homeless person . . .

shunned and persecuted by the powerful.

The apostles were in a foundering boat,

when Jesus walked by

on the water

and questioned their lack of faith.

The symbolism is missed

by most of us:

Jesus is too all encompassing

to be confined by one tiny boat.

His presence is greater than all;

He is too all encompassing

to be confined to one church,

to be confined to one race,

to be confined to one small way of thinking.

The apostles’ boat was filled

with a tax collector,

a doubter, a traitor,

sinners all, who did not

understand His teachings.

The boat is filled with us,

all unable to understand,

unable to get along,

because we are say we are different.

We have all missed the message;

we have all missed the boat.

But all is not lost;                                              

we can all become

the taxpayer, the doubter,

yes, and even the traitor.

They all finally understood;

yes, even the traitor.

It is not too late.

Let us open our eyes

and our hearts to the true message:

we are all one body in Christ.

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