What Do We Need?

What do we need? We are in the midst of two world-wide pandemics.

The Coronavirus has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across our planet, not caring what color we are, how rich we are, or how important we claim to be. Science is rapidly creating a cure for this, but many more lives will be sacrificed to the terrible pandemic. Those in power seem to be more interested in the lost money than the lost lives, while scientists are saying that there will be a more drastic resurgence that will claim many more lives. I sometimes think that Mother Nature is fighting back and punishing us for all the damage we have done to the Earth in our search for greater wealth.  

The second pandemic noted by the demonstrations around the globe, but particularly in the United States; these are rebelling against the world-wide oppression of people of color. Those of us who are white have oppressed the people of color all around the world, again in search of greater wealth for ourselves. We have fought innumerable worlds throughout history to suppress opponents and their cultural lives, replacing their traditions with ours. The protests in the United States were begun over the murder of George Floyd, who as a black man was suffocated by Minneapolis police. Those around the world are in support of the American protesters, butt they are also raising their voices against the oppression in their own countries.

The common man long oppressed by the wrong type of governments serving only the rich and powerful are bringing up the long-lost truth of what life for all should be. Many governments claim to be guided by the word of God, no matter what name we call Him, but they put truth to death through all their actions. The people who are protesting and really care for the fate of those oppressed by police and governments are in search of some one person to step up and be the guide that we can all follow.

What we need is a strong, perhaps old time, prophet to lead us out of the evil we are now suffering.

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