Mine Life is Changed Forever

Mine Life is Changed Forever

Seek Thee in mine heart

for Thou art nowhere else;

I journey not alone;

Thy passion and comfort

are mine companions.

I never walk alone through darkness,

for Thy presence lights mine path.

Fields of plenty are laid before me;

mine path is made smooth as I walk in Thy footsteps.

I am but a child holding Thy hand,

safely knowing I walk with someone who loves me.

I am blessed by the beauty of Thine creation

and revere the wonders of Thy love.

I only absorb what I see as created by Thee;

as a parent Thou are patient with me,

knowing that mine heart belongs only to Thee.

Like the servants at Cana,

I do whatever Thou asks;

Jesus asks that I follow Him;

what more or what less can I do.

Mine life is changed forever.

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