Have You ever Seen the Rain

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain”

A reflection on the masterpiece by John Fogerty of CCR.

I am calm before the storm,

And my sunny days turn to rain.

Or, is it just my imagination

that I live in a storm.

It’s called life, my friend, but

“I wanna know – – – Have you ever seen the rain?*”

We are filled with doubts,

And expectations, and promises,

but nothing is promised us

except hard work and conformity.

We are forced to be like others.

Don’t rock the boat, go for the big bucks,

they say.

I did once but was unhappy.

When I stopped the chase,

The rain stopped,

“comin’ down on a sunny day, Yeah!*”

Now the rain is merely liquid sunshine

“shinin’ down like water . . .*”


*Words in quotes are from his song.

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