Be Not Far from Me

Be Not Far from Me


Stand our grounds; keep away, six feet, at least.

Protect me – from you; protect you – from me.

Not You, gracious God; You are the creator of my salvations.

I obey all your invitations and follow your way.

I hear your precepts, from the time of my youth,

but often I have been frenzied by distractions in my life.

Jesus says, whenever – two or more meet in His name;

He will be with us always.

How can that be?


Six feet apart means no holding hands in prayer,

no hugging to enrich the love that God gives.

How can that be?

We Zoom into and out of our meetings;

close, yet so far away; joining in Christ’s name to pray;

to read our Bible, His words, His invitations;

His prayers for others in our writing

and in our speaking.

So far apart, but so near in our love!

Christ is not between us; He is pulling us together!

Fulfilling God’s promise, for He will never be far from us.

We will never be far from Him.

We will never be far apart.

Thanks be to God!


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