Be as a Cildh

Be as a Child


We rest in God’s love the way a newborn rest on its mother’s breast, realizing warmth, comfort, and security.

We grow in our love for God as we experience our mortal lives. We do not know what to do with our pain and suffering; we are unable to understand why evil should visit our doorsteps. God doesn’t bring this pain, suffering, and evil; God comforts us and is with us, supporting us, strengthening us to survive.

Even though we cannot see God, we love God; we rejoice in the glory of God’s goodness. This is something we cannot think about; God does not live by the intellect; God lives by the heart, the core of our lives. We enjoy peace from our troubles only when we feel the glory of God’s love. Our lives test us; God tempers us with patience, kindness, and gentleness. These are the elements of our existence.

We entrust our lives in God; for it is She who gives us everything we have. When I look at my grown children with families of their own, I remember the perfect gifts they are from the time we first received them to our present days. Our children are given to us, because God trusts us. Let Her see us in the glory that She created us. We may be shaken by life, but we are secure in our God dwelling within us. She asks for love; then gives us shelter and security.



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