My family surrounds me with love

they cannot stop the pain.

My neighbors bring in food and love

and stay to visit for a while

they also cannot stop the pain.

My minister comes and blesses me

and prays with me

he cannot stop the pain.

I know that God is with me,


but the pain persists.

Friends call, offer prayers

they cannot stop the pain.

I walk a road that one

can only walk alone

abandonment follows pain.

I look around

see many friends

many relatives

but I am alone.

I feel forgotten

in the bane of pain.

We walk this path alone


except for God

who eases our heart

though still in pain.

God gives us the strength

to move forward

face our pain

We follow the path

travelled by Jesus.

He also walked into pain

showing us the way

to trust God

to relieve our loneliness

our abandonment.

In pain,

I rest in God’s arms,

comforted by is love,

as shown through our family

and friends

and ministers


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