God’s Children

God’s Children

We are the children of God; we cannot sell ourselves short. There is a prophetic message to all people, regardless of their backgrounds, race, religion, or sexual preference. If we allow ourselves to be open, to recognize and respect the tiniest things on this earth, we will show our love and honor for God’s presence in our lives.

We are God’s shining light, defeating the darkness of the world, of our lives. When each day dawns, our morning stars rise in the sky and in our hearts. Our rising confirms our small place in God’s massive eternity. When we rise each morning with love in our hearts, we rise is glory without the media-induced fears that bombard our minds hourly.

Look at all things, all people, all creatures as creations of God. the dandelion in my front yard is just as important to God as the Shenandoah mountains to the west of my house. I am a tiny atom in God’s universe, yet I play an important role when I live God’s special covenant with humanity. God sees me as His child; therefore, I am able to rejoice with trembling happiness of the life I live.

I have lived on the mountain; I have lived in the valley; as with all of my fellow humanity, I am blessed as I put my trust, my life in God’s hands.

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