Daydreaming. . .

I recently read an article of realizing that God is always with us, when I came to the following question: “Why don’t we daydream a little more and wake up to God being around us in our every day?”

As I sit in my den, I am always in awe of the world around me. I close my eyes and see the beautiful flowers that occupy the beds around the trees; I see the children riding their training wheels bikes, the older children shooting baskets in the playground, their parents on the tennis courts, chasing errant balls.

All is beautiful!

The sun rises over the rooftops, bring God’s light to our troubled world. I pray that our leaders see the world as a beautiful creation of God, discarding the desire to kill, to demolish, to strip the earth of its beauty.

I love the rainbow colors of birds flitting from feeder to feeder, the butterflies from bush to bush. But I know that God’s most perfect and most beautiful creation is man. We are made in His image; but we reject His teachings; we even reject His presence in our lives.

I admit, I daydream about the comfort and beauty of have God surround my living being; this allows me to love as God wants me to love; see the world as God wants me to see. And, accept all of His creations as gifts of a wonderful life.

Won’t you join my reverie?

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