Merry Love Day

Christmas day 2019

We rejoice with family this day, exchanging gifts we think will be received with gladness, even if it is an ugly sweater from Macy’s. it is given with the love of the person who purchased it. We accept it gladly.

But Christmas is more than swapping gifts. We have to remember what the meaning of Christmas is. Over 2000 years ago, a child was born; a special child, yet he was homeless when he was born. I think of the significance of this often-overlooked fact. We don’t know what his life as a child was, but watching my own son and my grandson grow, I am sure Jesus was an active youth who constantly pressed the edges of his parents’ good will.

I am thinking of the trip to Jerusalem, when he was twelve; he did not join his parents and after three days, the had to return to Jerusalem to find him. And, when they did, he responded by saying that he was in his father’s house; where else would he be. If I were Joseph, I am sure I would have followed that with a spanking of some sort. But we do not know; the Bible says nothing about that.

But Jesus was special, he grew into a man who expressed and demonstrated the love that God gives all of us. This is what we are celebrating today, by joining with friends and family, exchanging gifts of love. We are in a hotel in North Carolina, and when we went to have coffee in the lounge, all there wished everyone a merry Christmas, spreading God’s love to all in the room.

This is what God wants of us. This is what I try to do all year round. I talk to people I don’t know; this is my way of spreading God’s love. I call them brother or sister, because we are all children of God, as Jesus was. And, God loves us as much as He loves Jesus. Think of God the Father. Think of yourself as a father or mother. Do you love one of your children more than the others. Of course not; they are all equal in your eyes.

Jesus is a special person; and I try to walk in His light every day; but I know God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. This is why I refer to Christmas as a day to share God’s love openly. And, maybe, if we can do this on Christmas, we can do this every day throughout the year.

This is God’s special day; have a wonderful, merry and loving Christmas.

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