Advent Word of the Day: Gather

We gather together on Sundays to praise God

Our community grows closer with God’s Grace

We gather on Mondays for noon prayer and community dinners

Our dinners are gifts from God to those in need

We gather on Tuesdays for noon prayer and feeding the poor

Our market table is filled with God’s produce

We gather on Wednesdays for noon eucharist and healing prayer

God’s Grace is shared to heal all wounds, emotional and physical

We gather on Thursdays for noon prayer, quiet circle, and intercessory prayer

Our quiet times filled with God’s presence spreads to all who suffer

We gather on Fridays for noon prayer and group support meetings

Our neighbors seek God’s help with their addictive illnesses

We gather on Saturdays for music and congregational dinners

We share God’s love with food, wine, and wonderful stories of God’s glory

We gather to praise and honor God

We are thankful for his presence in our lives, each day of the week.

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