Clothed in the Spirit

Clothed in the Spirit

Impossible? No, not if we open our hearts to what is truly real, not what is materially real. Isaiah remarks that we should try to revive the spirit of the humble. Humility is difficult in these times, when one is considered a failure if he is not a person of material wealth. I, personally, would be happier with spiritual wealth. We do not take our material wealth with us when we die. That is factual; what we don’t know is what happens to our spiritual life. This is what faith means in the end. Humility is not thinking that we are the center of life; we are only important when we join with others for the benefit of humanity.

Isaiah goes on to mention we should also revive the heart of the contrite. One definition of contrite is humble, another is repentant. Our prayers mention how repentant we are in Jesus’s name. Too many of us just recite these words from rote memory. I watch people in church recite these words while checking their cell phones. Contrition is not on view in these people’s faces or hearts. My other observation is that maybe it is not necessary to revive the heart of the contrite. By practicing contrition, we are, in fact, strengthening our hearts, our inner core. My heart never feels stronger that when I truly admit my repentance for self-exalted ego, or thinking I have done a great job, when all God wants is for me to love and be brotherly.  

In John’s gospel, the following is offered: “If I have told you about earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you about heavenly things?” We have to see thing to believe them. I say that maybe we do not. I have been in the delivery room when my children were born, but I have never seen a foal at birth, but I know it happens, because I can see the new colt. I have never seen the waters creating the beautiful landscapes in the river valleys, but I see the beauty, so I know it has occurred. I also see the beauty of God’s world, His creation, and have felt His grace. I do not need to see God to see these beautiful parts of my life; so, how can I deny the existence of God, of the heavenly things Jesus speaks of, even if I have never seen heaven. The other thought is heaven. Heaven is Eden. It is the perfect place.

I pray that we can all be more spiritual in this confusing world we have created. May our hearts be open and humble to God’s gracious care and comfort. May we understand that we are led by His glorious presence in our lives.


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