The Word

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God


The Word provides

know Creation

which is mystery

almost imperceptible.

Abandon arrogance

stand in awe of the Word

recover meditation, prayer

relearn truth, love, and grace

ask and seek.

Allow our hearts to grow

Receive the Word as a newborn

believe in the one

large than self

learn holistic truth.

Seek eternal Love in the Word

renounce popular theories

unworthy of attention.

Seek the mighty something

within the Word

our gifts are of the Word

longing to be shared.

Consider your own call

to truth, to life.

Be vulnerable

expose our weaknesses

to fruitful truth

achieve liberation

from the night sky

filled with the Word’s truth.

Become a prophet

speak Truth

speak the Word

share our natural gift

using the Word.

Look to the Word

when confronted

by fear, disappointment.

The Word unburdens

lights our path

expands our hearts

become inseparable

the quantum knowledge

universal Word

which forgives our debts

and other’s debts to us.

Shake off illusion

step from the shadows

into the light

accept the sacrament of forgiveness

spread the sacrament of forgiveness.

Be in the Word

the Word is in you

from the Giver of the Word







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