We can all be spiritually inclined in our lives; but before we do, we have to discover who we really are, deep inside. We need to look at our inner experience, how it joins with our communities. By communities, I mean family, church, and neighborhood. Once we determine that our communion is clear and firm, we can reach deeper inside us to find the beauty in the life that God provides. We no longer have to judge people; we accept them for fellow travelers.

We have nothing in heaven but God; we have nothing on earth except our fellow travelers. God is our spiritual support on our journey, while our fellow travelers support us physically with food water and lodging. We rely on both to be successful; we need both to be spiritual.

Along our journey, we meet many people; we look for the face of God in all those we meet. Our strength comes from God through the people of God we meet during our lifelong voyage. We know that God’s power is always with us; what we sometimes forget is that God’s power does not only come from our inner voice (the presence of God), it also comes from the inner voices of those we meet.

Both are strengthened by the union we form with our fellow travelers. Together, we meet God along the way. Together, we are made whole. Together we become spiritual.


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