I Sing This Song for You

I Sing This Song for You

I sing a song of thanksgiving every morning as God breathes new life into me, awakening me to the wonder of creation. When I arise, I pray that I will share His loving kindness with all whom I meet in my daily journeys. My prayers lead me to a stronger and comfortable relationship with strangers and those I serve with in my various community and church organizations.

I sing a song of happiness knowing that this prayer leads me and those I meet into a closer relationship with our universal Father. I want to be as generous with my treasures as the poor woman placing the only two coins that she had into the alms basket to be used to benefit those in need, even though she was no doubt one of the neediest. I do not want to have the false bravado of  the mighty grace that we all receive from God; I share His loving kindness with all I meet when I rise in the morning and retire in the evening.

I sing a song of love each morning when I awaken to the  sounds of birds outside my window. The melodies are more beautiful than any classical masterpiece, because I know that these songs are the angels of God asking me to care. The birds remind me to share my soul with the poor and hungry who have been left behind by our monied society. I ask God that they too know that they rise with the love that God so freely shares.

I sing a song of sharing when I rise, knowing that I have been blessed with more than my fair share of material goods. As much as I would love the world to run from the heart, I know that society does not allow this. As a participant in this society, I know that I am not following God’s wishes. I am imperfect, but I give what I can of my treasures, my time, and my many talents to help improve the lot of those less fortunate.

I sing a song of wisdom knowing I am not better than my brothers and sisters. I desire to share, even if I go against the strict warnings from the pulpit and the supposed experts. I do give money to the poor man or woman at the intersection leading into the expensive shops in the area. People say that they will only buy drugs or alcohol, and that it is better to send them to the local social agencies for help.

I sign a song of love when I see the look on his face knowing he will use the money for good. He thanks me with a prayer, and I in return pray that the few dollars I give him will give him nourishment. I pray that God will urge this person to use the money to his best advantage. My duty is to give; God’s will is to assist.

I sing a song for you, hoping my prayer leads me to your side, showing me how much we share in God’s creation. I pray that I can be as humble and caring as the woman putting 2 coins in the synagogue plate, which was all she had.

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